Imagine Studio: Experience Design and Creative Agency

Striking design that ignites interaction, fosters brand loyalty, and maximizes share of basket—connecting brands to people.

Status quo design isn’t getting results

Attracting and engaging today's consumers isn’t easy.

Constant pressure for increased innovation, more immersive experiences, and heightened engagement—with fewer resources, budget, and time.

What’s the way forward?

You need a partner who can help you see the big picture. You need Imagine Studio.

Dream, design, and build unforgettable experiences and captivate your customers with our fast, flexible, and fierce agency team.

Innovation happens at the intersection

Imagine Studio is a collective of diverse designers, engineers, and innovators reshaping the customer experience with advanced insights into trends and technology, backed by the powerhouse print production capabilities only Imagine can claim.

Dream your next retail experience with Imagine Studio


Innovation happens at the intersection. Enabling that spark is our goal.

Your consumers—and their ever-changing behavior—are the heart of everything we create. When we dream together with you, the team behind Imagine Studio comes to the table armed with expansive market research, a multitude of ideas, and open minds.

Let’s collaborate to dream up fresh, wildly engaging customer experiences that accelerate engagement and deliver extraordinary results for your brand.

  • Expansive research of market trends & insights
  • Detailed strategy mapping & creative ideation
  • Concepting, visualization & campaign planning
Design your next retail experience with Imagine Studio


Visionary yet rooted in reality, our precision-obsessed designers and engineers bring your dreams to life in 3D.

Ideas transform into sketches, renderings, white samples, and prototypes. Digital and physical touchpoints are integrated to deliver exponential impact. Earth-friendly and values-driven considerations are seamlessly incorporated to make your space sing.

The result? Wow-worthy experiences that drive action.

  • Precision-obsessed environmental & structural design & engineering
  • Seamlessly integrated phygital (physical + digital) design
  • Unmatched innovative design adaptation, rapid prototyping & sustainable sourcing
  • Commitment to continuous value engineering and creating scalable solutions


When it comes to crafting your custom solution, there is no second chance. Every element of your new design is crafted, kitted, and delivered with care. No excuses, no matter what.

With an eye on sustainability and a penchant for speed, our experience and proprietary technology empowers us with the know-how we need to drive out costs along the way. Get exactly what you want, exactly on budget, right on time.

  • Unparalleled print production quality & scale
  • Sustainable inks, substrates, & processes
  • Technology-enabled location-specific kitting
  • Warehousing, fulfillment & installation

Let's get started

From sketch to install, from print to digital...

Imagine Studio can help you do it all.

Temporary, seasonal, or permanent design, backed by the industry leader in print production.

Together, let's craft unforgettable experiences that captivate your customers and capture share of wallet.

When and where you need us

From sketch to install, we do it all. Our support begins where your internal capacity ends. No matter where in your processes you need to pass the baton — we’ll catch it and carry it to finish.

  • Experience Design
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Sketch & Ideation
  • Design Engineering
  • Visual Merchandising
  • CAD & 3D Modeling
  • Graphics & Branding
  • Digital & Phygital Solutions
  • Turnkey Concept Development

Go farther, faster

With Imagine Studio, you get a deeply experienced strategic partner designing at the speed of retail.

We’re real people on the other end of the phone who offer next-level creativity and technical know-how with a relentless focus on results. We stop at nothing to help you achieve everything. The best bit? We’re a team of designers you’ll love working with.

Craft at scale, on time

  • Dream, design, and build — all in one place
  • Visionary meets value-conscious
  • Technology enabled workflows streamline processes, yielding greater productivity and canceling redundancy and waste (of time, money, and resources)
  • Mission-critical flexibility means you get customized solutions right where you need them, working within your existing parameters
  • High quality at scale (10k+ doors)
  • Our solutions enable you to work seamlessly with various stakeholders

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