2023 Wide-Format Print Outlook (via Wide-format Impressions)

After nearly three years of dealing with pandemic-influenced pressures, business owners are bracing for economic instability and labor-related concerns. A recent article by Wide Format Impressions revealed that despite all this, the demand for printed signage hasn’t diminished, however brands are keeping a closer eye on their print spending.

In the article, Imagine CEO Chris Cavanaugh discusses the ways in which we are partnering with our customers to ensure they are maximizing their budgets, ROI, and outcomes for their visual communications.

“We are working closely with our current customers to ensure they’re not leaving any money on the table – especially considering the recessionary pressures looming. We are looking to get more out of the precious marketing dollars by working to tailor their promotions helping them maximize the impact of their budgets and ROI of their campaigns,” according to Chris Cavanaugh, Imagine CEO.

To read the full article, check out Wide Format Impressions magazine. 2023 Wide-Format Print Outlook (wideformatimpressions.com)

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