5 Ways Retailtainment is reshaping OOH advertising (via Retail Touchpoints)

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has played an integral role in the media landscape with a staggering 88% of U.S. adults noticing OOH ads within a one-month period, and 78% of them taking action afterwards.

As the industry continues to evolve, Midnight Oil’s President, Bill Rosenthal emphasizes the fusion of static and interactive elements as a key avenue for innovation. He also sees immense potential in blending traditional static billboards with digital elements, creating dynamic and engaging experiences for consumers.

In the article, Rosenthal discusses the concept of “retailtainment” where OOH campaigns intersect with retail spaces to drive foot traffic and enhance brand experiences. This synergy between retail and entertainment opens avenues for immersive activations and experiential marketing.

Discover how we are helping bring more experiential, entertainment-like opportunities to our clients. Check out the full article in Retail Touchpoints. 5 Ways Retailtainment is reshaping OOH advertising

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