7-Eleven: Scaling with a fast-growing market


7-Eleven’s market share was growing, but each new store had to be profiled to determine its unique décor and POP needs.

The longtime c-store brand needed a better process that could scale along with its hot-enough-to-melt-a-Slurpee growth.


We partnered with the 7-Eleven team to develop a custom campaign management and workflow process that could easily scale to the brand's quickly growing market share.

It started with profiling stores as they were onboarded, so store-specific marketing requirements were captured consistently and immediately.

With an end-to-end store discovery and store profile set up in Symphony, along with some rebranding assistance, 7-Eleven’s new, more streamlined process was in place.


The new process created a lot of convenience for 7-Eleven. The single source strategy and dedicated service team give the company a much faster speed to market for its acquisitions. The speed was only enhanced by streamlined order processing and campaign management.

And the speed didn’t come at the cost of accuracy: The new process has resulted in a lifetime kit accuracy rate of 99% using Pick-to-Light technology.

The result? Faster and more accurate store profiling that scales with the popular convenience chain.

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