Advertising Week New York Web3 Lounge by Midnight Oil


Advertising Week New York is the biggest event for heads of marketing, media, advertising, and tech. The event was hosted in the defunct Manhattan Mall, and D2 by Emerald was given a significant space to transform into a promotional lounge. This was their first time having a branded space for a prominent trade show, and they needed to make an impression.


Midnight Oil concepted a beach-themed lounge reminiscent of the biggest summer blockbuster of 2023, Barbie.

We created a beach party motif using the pink color palette and added a camper van, leaning into the Barbie theme, as well as a lifeguard tower that doubles as additional seating. Topped off with a check-in desk, the space was undeniably Barbie without a single piece of branding. Without the ability to use vinyl on surfaces, we covered the walls with printed fabric and built the additional elements out of corrugate.


The space was a huge success. The client said that Midnight Oil exceeded their wildest expectations, with the space attracting thousands of attendees who engaged with the space and posted photos to their social media accounts. Seeing the demand, Advertising Week promoted the lounge to attendees, used footage in promotional posts, and featured a tour of the space in the live feed on their website.

We absolutely loved working with you. People raved about the space. I’m still getting notes about it.”
VP Marketing, D2 by Emerald

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