Be an In-Store Marketing Hero with Dotti™️

Does it seem like your in-store marketing campaigns require superhuman strength to pull off?

That may be a sign that you need an in-store marketing platform to help you plan and execute projects for your retail stores.

And if you’re in the market for a platform, you should meet Dotti™️.

Dotti provides your business with a centralized system for ordering assets, field distribution at scale, verification, and reporting on your in-store programs. She ensures you always send the right materials to the right locations, projects and setups are executed to perfection, and everyone is always on the same page.

In short:

Dotti helps you spend less time combing through all those spreadsheets for the right metrics, and more time strategizing and executing amazing campaigns. She also helps you save your company money and allows you to free up valuable time and resources.

Even shorter:

She makes YOU the hero!

Not convinced? Here are some case studies.

An accurate audit swoops in to save a national retail pharmacy brand real money

One of our clients, a national retail pharmacy brand with 10,000+ locations, was planning a campaign involving top-of-counter fixtures in each store.

The only catch?

They weren’t sure exactly how many registers were at each location—they only had their own estimates.

This left our client with a dilemma (one that should sound familiar):

Too many fixtures would mean wasted materials, shipping, storage, and staff time. But if they ordered too few, certain stores would miss out on merchandising opportunities and/or incur additional costs for shipping.

Fortunately, Imagine had already surveyed the client’s locations and saved those store profile details in our proprietary platform.

When the client checked, they realized their initial estimate was 20% too high.

Even though their original estimates had been based on realistic assumptions, using the platform gave them much better visibility into their store mapping and needs, letting them order more accurately.

The result?

Reduced freight and warehousing costs while also cutting down waste. Win-win!

Reduce campaign costs. Improve compliance.

Make it easy.

Regional retailer gets real results, from planning to verification

Remodeling 11,000 locations in multiple states is no small feat. Doing it without disrupting customers?

That takes a heroic effort.

But that was the goal of our client, a regional big box retailer.

The project required the coordination of work, assets, vendors, and channels, from planning through verification. Trying to manage all that through emails and spreadsheets would have been a huge challenge, no matter how expertly crafted.

Fortunately, our client was able to leverage our proprietary platform. By tapping tech, this retailer was able to keep things moving smoothly across all 11,000 locations, without having to make 11,000 site visits.

Dotti allows the planning, design, scheduling, and mobilization to be coordinated and communicated in real time across multiple vendors.

C-store brand stays laser-focused on dozens of elements in real-time

When you’re running fast-moving promotional campaigns across thousands of locations, you don’t have much margin for error.

Our convenience store client needed a way to quickly share information as they ran one campaign after another.

The solution? Our proprietary in-store marketing platform.

Dotti lets users share work in progress and completion images with other team members directly through the platform. With simple click-and-view functionality, campaign managers can verify compliance or troubleshoot installation.

And they can do it all in real time, without leaving their desk.

Let’s make you a hero!

Ready to rescue yourself from campaign complexities?

Dotti provides complete control and visibility every step of the way. She’s the perfect sidekick to conquer chaos.

When it comes to wrangling your most complicated projects, Dotti delivers up to:

  • 80% time savings in automated content creation and localization
  • 75% decreased cost for inventory and material waste
  • 15% improved field compliance on average

Paired with our deep retail expertise, Imagine and Dotti are the perfect 1-2 punch you need to transform your in-store marketing programs with superhuman speed and ease.

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