BODYARMOR: localization and customization at scale


Sports drink brand BODYARMOR needed football-themed promotional assets that would spotlight its products during the upcoming fall season. Localization and customization are important requirements in the brand's cohesive visual communications strategy.


Our designers devised an approach that would deliver a comprehensive—and seamlessly customizable—suite of visuals that would allow diverse locations to easily select the exact items needed based on their specific requirements and scale.

Some of the items included in the list of available options we created were danglers, base wraps, header cards, large mesh window decals, bollard covers, shelf talkers, push/pull decals, case cards, pull toppers, cooler decals, standees, and more.


We used localized designs to tell a compelling visual story about BODYARMOR that has resonated with football enthusiasts excited for the season.

Adaptability and flexibility enabled us to meet and exceed expectations, which has reinforced our reputation as a versatile and nimble creative partner.

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