General Mills | Betty Crocker influencer kit


In celebration of its Betty Crocker brand’s 100th birthday, General Mills planned a buzzworthy influencer campaign designed to engage and delight consumers.

They needed a partner who could design and deliver each influencer’s customized kit filled with their chosen Betty Crocker ingredients and products for baking.

Betty Crocker Influencer Kit packaging design by Imagine


Without knowing up front which products each baker-influencer would select, we recognized that every kit had to accommodate all potential combinations of ingredients. This guided our design.

From there, our creative kitting experts developed the idea for a secret compartment within the gift box in which a special-edition cookbook could be hidden for an added surprise-and-delight moment for recipients.

We designed a spot-on Betty-Crocker-red box made entirely of paper products, sans adhesive, with the least amount of exposed fibers/edges.

Special confetti crinkle paper was used inside each kit to give a nod to the birthday party experience and protect the contents.

Betty Crocker Influencer Kit - kitting fulfillment creative engineering by Imagine


These kits served as the perfect physical complement to the virtual birthday party and baking competition.

By uniting cooks and bakers around their beloved brand with these personalized gift boxes, General Mills choreographed an unforgettable experience that reinforces who they are and why their brands are admired above others.

What's more, General Mills and Imagine received a GDUSA Graphic Design award for this work, a testament to the creativity and partnership we created together.

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