Husqvarna approached Imagine with a need for both customization and efficiency in the production and delivery of their branded merchandise products.

Dealers wanted not only the ability to send custom annual kits to sales locations, but also the capacity to easily order branded and co-branded items through a singular storefront.


Our team designed a secure software application accessible to the entire dealer network and sales staff. This automated, user-friendly platform provided real-time inventory data along with all order processing updates.

The initial launch included the transfer of over 200 items, with kits that contained apparel, product catalogs, price tags and more. Heeding customization, specific kit items could easily be modified by size and quantity.

With all orders placed ahead of time, Husqvarna knew exactly what the demand was, eliminating any waste of money due to obsolete inventory.


Now operating in its sixth year, this successful program has grown to include nearly 150 additional dealers year over year.

Roughly 2,400 custom kits are shipped to dealers each year. Automated reports streamline inventory management and purchase decisions.

Now that dealers and sales team members have a single point of contact for all marketing collateral, their branded merchandise conception-to-delivery process is simple, reliable, and effective.

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