Just Salad: Value engineering for a growing QSR brand


For many restaurants, bringing a new location to life can be laborious to coordinate, often involving several different vendors and riddled with inefficiencies. Fast-casual restaurant Just Salad recognized the potential for optimization and tagged Imagine for an overhaul. ​

The team came to Imagine looking for fresh in-store marketing that would honor their brand ethos, but also push the boundaries and captivate customers.


Just Salad had a diverse interior décor package that was being designed, sourced, produced, and installed by multiple different vendors. ​

Once the team gave Imagine the opportunity to take all of it under our roof and be their one stop shop for its branded environment, we mined for efficiencies by taking a closer look at their processes. ​

By consolidating all of their projects with us, we were able to take a global view of their interior décor and leverage bulk ordering to cut costs and decrease lead time. We also organized their asset installation procedures in order to align everyone involved and solidify site readiness.


Just Salad opened 12 new locations last year. Projects that were formerly taking weeks to move through the pipeline are now being designed, produced, and installed at light speed. ​

The optimized decor procurement process and ability to get everything needed from one source has enabled the team to refocus their attention on revamping their brand. ​

Next up? Storefront and external signage that reflects their current artistic design elements and updated messaging. ​

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