KFC: Customized pickup solution cuts labor costs


With mobile ordering becoming a popular option in the quick-service restaurant space, KFC wanted customized shelving for its customer pickup spots.

The shelving didn’t only have to look great: It had to make the entire space more efficient, reducing the labor costs associated with the service.


Using an inspiration picture shared by the KFC team, we got to work.

Not to be outdone by KFC’s 11 herbs and spices, we engineered five different shelf prototypes (with variations based on size, location, and desired materials) and provided six different designs, fine-tuning along the way to achieve the perfect look.

The final outcome was a two-tier pickup shelf, pickup signs, and parking lot signage. And “skip the line” signage is now a standard part of KFC’s setup décor package.


Mobile ordering can flop if it’s not convenient for customers… or business owners. But KFC’s new signage delivers.

Its specialized shelves and parking lot signage have made in-store pickup much more efficient, which has not only reduced labor costs — it’s increased sales on its digital platform.

Plus, partnering with Imagine helped KFC gain efficiency and streamline its shipments by making the new signage part of the store décor packages, helping the brand save even more.

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