Labor Frustration? Try Automation (via Printing Impressions)

Labor shortages are impacting all industries it seems. And the problem is not getting any better.

In fact, 83% of printing companies are concerned about labor shortages, according to a recent article in Printing Impressions magazine. Mark Popp, VP of Technology, Research, and Development for Imagine was featured in the article, discussing the ways in which Imagine is working to attract younger talent to the print industry and leaning on automation to remain competitive.

“We have people dedicated to innovating and automating. Ten years ago, somebody did it as a part-time job,” according to Popp. “Ten years ago, we would have asked suppliers what they had to sell us and figure out how to make it work in our business. Today we tell them what they need to make if they want to sell me that equipment,” he added.

Check out the full interview in Printing Impressions magazine. Labor Frustration? Try Automation (

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