Meijer: Store signage simplified


Vendors are amazing resources, but managing too many partnerships can take up a lot of time, effort, and resources — while increasing the potential for project-stopping snags.

Like many major retailers, Meijer wanted to consolidate its store signage partnerships and find someone who could do it all – and do it more efficiently.

Contemporary coffee bar and deli signage in a Meijer grocery store.


The expertise at Imagine was just what the Meijer team was looking for. Project managing their store signage packages from concept to installation, we leave no box unchecked.

There are a lot of moving pieces: each location has its own floor plans and elevations, production art, and custom sign manual (which includes part numbers, descriptions, specs, installation instructions, and guideline photos). Meijer relies on us to create the sign indexes with parts, descriptions, materials, production specs, hardware, and costs.

As we produce and install the signage on time, our i-Verify platform makes it easy for Meijer to track each part through the entire process from start to finish.


Using Imagine for its signage projects has significantly reduced Meijer’s costs and the time spent managing multiple vendors. Plus, the transparency created by using I-Verify has streamlined these projects even further, reducing costs, timing, and the potential for errors.

Instead of herding cats, Meijer now has a one-stop resource: From the initial planning stages to installation and beyond, Meijer knows it can rely on Imagine to get the job done efficiently while improving quality and lowering costs.

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