Cracking the Code: New Data Reveals the Blueprint for In-Store Marketing Success

Brands have big expectations  for their in-store marketing... but the dynamics have changed. Our exclusive research reveals how top brands are leveraging technology to keep up.

People buy very differently now than they did just a few years ago. And despite lofty goals to reimagine the customer experience, budgets are staying flat at best.

Yet, expectations to deliver in-store sales and the need to drive more value from every dollar spent has never been higher.

This is leaving in-store marketers unsure how to keep up, where to focus, or what tools to rely on—which could spell trouble for their goals.

We talked to company leaders across the retail, grocery, c-store, and food service segments who manage these campaigns, and pulled it all together into our new report, Retail Revived: How Technology Is Transforming In-Store Marketing.

Our exclusive data revealed that:

  • 60% want primarily to increase in-store sales
  • 53% want to improve customer experience, but don’t feel they’ve achieved it yet
  • 65% struggle to localize programs as much as they want.

In-store marketing success, now more than ever, relies on data and technology to create personalized, timely, and efficient promotions that drive customers to purchase—all while saving the company money.

Get your copy now and discover:

  • The in-store marketing goals brands have today.
  • What support they need to tame the chaos—but aren’t getting.
  • How leveraging technology is key to timely, on-budget, value-added promotions that impact the bottom line.

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