PGA Tour Superstore: Multidimensional mural mastery


It’s safe to say that most golfers appreciate a gorgeous view.

So when the décor team at PGA was planning for a new wall mural system across its retail store network, cost-effectiveness and visual appeal were the top two priorities.


The team at Imagine developed a layered fabric frame system as an alternative to the signs being printed on PVC and mounted with pucks and standoffs. This new material alternative made it easier for store employees to change out graphics when needed. The fabric frames also provided PGA with a more sustainable option compared to PVC.

With vivid and engaging images to make shoppers feel like they’re out on the fairway, the fabric graphics packed a lot of impact into a super-lightweight package.­


Not only did the Imagine team come through with beautiful, brand-perfect graphics, the lightweight fabric material has a lower cost to ship. As a result, the PGA team came in well under par with its budget.

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