Century-old footwear retailer, Rack Room Shoes, was ready to reimagine what its family shoe store would look like in the future.

The team came to Imagine looking for fresh in-store marketing that would honor their brand ethos, but also push the boundaries and captivate customers.


Our designers took a detail-oriented approach to Rack Room’s in-store overhaul and tackled a long list of assets. We produced over 2,000 visual elements, including:

  • Tailored, heavy duty—yet lightweight—Alumicore paneling with applied vinyl lettering
  • Large-scale wall signage, end caps, and wayfinders that can be installed, adjusted, and changed out with ease
  • Mounted LED signage & specialty lighting
  • Custom-printed wallpaper and large-scale fabric graphics; and more

From there, our store outfitting pros took the lead in designing and producing nearly 300 pieces of metal hardware, including: stackable benches made with perforated metal; apparel hanging racks; and custom shoe display shelves that can rotate and change angles.


With decades of experience producing a wide range of in-store marketing assets, we were able to jump in and be a one-stop-shop for Rack Room’s store of the future. All of these elements combined keep Rack Room’s products center stage while elevating buyers’ in-store shopping journey.

Rack Room is excited to take the knowledge they gain from this prototype to learn what visuals they should scale chain wide into the stores they’ll be opening up this year.

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