Supply chain challenges: Seven tips to minimize impact

Industries all over the globe are grappling with supply chain challenges.

Rising costs from paper suppliers, lack of custom-sized materials, and growing domestic labor costs have resulted in higher pricing on projects when compared to estimates from prior months or years.

Shortages for many paper substrate types still exist and turn times for these materials have increased dramatically. The ramifications of high demand and low supply coupled with unpredictability in shipping and transportation have led to confusion and frustration.

It’s a lot. And yet this, too, shall pass.

But until then, the question remains: How can we work through these challenges and still come out on top? Here are seven supply chain tips to get you started.

What you can do now

Be proactive

Early is the new on time.

The best way that you can accomplish your marketing goals on time and on budget is by planning further ahead. While it used to be sufficient to look a few months ahead at your projects’ requirements, it’s now necessary to look at your entire year.

Forecasting your needs for the future will increase your agility and provide a buffer against further market fluctuations.

Get creative

By being open to and aware of alternative solutions, you’ll increase your resiliency when the product you want isn’t available.

Your printer is your partner.

Stay in communication with them about what is and what isn’t readily obtainable so that you’re poised to pivot as necessary.

Analyze and prioritize

In addition to planning ahead and getting creative with your options, get clear on which projects are most valuable to you. Take a deeper look at what your goals and objectives are, and then identify which projects contribute most readily to those aims.

The time will come when supply issues will be a thing of the past; but until then, let your vital projects take priority and carry you through to the other side.

Work with a partner you trust

If your partner isn’t communicating with you openly about supply chain issues — Houston, you have a problem.

No one is immune to the current circumstances.

It’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re working with a partner you’re absolutely confident will help you navigate these challenges.

What we’re ready to do for you

Walk you through available alternatives

When the materials you expected to have access to are in short supply, we’ll be your guide to alternatives that are both suitable and available.

We have deep supplier connections and robust expertise. If your selected materials are not available, lean on us to match substrates and supplies to achieve your intended outcome.

Our deep experience in the visual communications industry is your go-to resource for getting your needs met using what’s obtainable now.

Provide shipping options

We are well versed in navigating transportation and delivery challenges.

Our conveniently placed locations give us a leg up when it comes to creative shipping solutions. With coast-to-coast coverage and strategic planning, we’ll come up with the best course of action to meet your objectives — on time and on budget.

Our plan for your success begins with transparent communication and is sustained by expert project management.”

Communicate and collaborate

Inflation is all around us. And it’s not just hitting us in our local grocery stores.

From labor and material substrates to ink and toner — everything is more expensive now than it was this time last year.

As your partner, we’re here to collaborate with you on planning and budgeting your projects to maximize campaign efficiency and effectiveness. Our plan for your success begins with transparent communication and is sustained by expert project management.

We can help you minimize the overall cost of your project by suggesting more affordable options in one area to offset increased prices in another. We know which supplies make for a more cost-conscious alternative without sacrificing quality.

We’re your partner and we are in this together.

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We’ve got your back.

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