The Imagine Group announces launch of No Sew Keder, a patent pending, sustainable solution saving retailers time and money

The Imagine Group, a leading provider of visual communications, today announced the launch of the new No Sew Keder. This patent pending technology is a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary method that adheres keder to fabric with 100% fit every time - eliminating margin for error and making adhering keder faster and more sustainable.

“Our customers are demanding increased speed to market and quicker response times,” said Mark Popp, VP of Technology, Research and Development. “In order to improve the accuracy and aid in making SEG signage more environmentally friendly, we developed a proprietary process to weld the keder to the fabric. This increases accuracy, eliminates test fitting, and speeds up the process.”

Imagine continually invests in cutting-edge technologies and actively develops them, even when they’re not yet available in the market. By listening to the needs of the customer this allows them to deliver advanced visual communication solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving retail marketplace. Fabric graphics are vivid, crisp and attention grabbing and, when framed or backlit create a bold impact. The flexibility, durability, and light weight of the fabric allows graphics to be folded into small packaging for cost-effective shipping and easy, safe storage to prevent damage and encourage reuse. And now, utilizing a no sew finishing, any kind of fabric finishing can be fast.

No Sew Keder is a game changer that simplifies retail location fabric recycling. The ability to easily separate the keder from the fabric allows both components to be recycled quickly, as the plastic is blue bin recyclable and the fabric is clean and fully recyclable. The no sew process means no need for scissor or knife separation, resulting in increased recycling compliance.”
Terry Monday Chief Strategy Officer

The introduction of No Sew Keder exemplifies Imagine’s commitment to responding to customer needs and devising innovative solutions to match the rapid pace of the retail industry and help with sustainability goals. With four strategically located production facilities throughout the United States, Imagine can scale with retailers as their projects scale.

Imagine is widely recognized as a leading visual communications company, having been ranked among the top 20 in the Printing Impressions 300, as a top wide-format printer, and as a top 50 POP printer. Imagine has also been recognized for its creative capabilities by the Graphic Design USA awards, which honor the best designs in print, packaging, POP, internet, interactive, video, and more.

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