Wallpaper for your aisles

Pegboard Paper from Imagine Print Solutions.

We are known for our pegboard paper. Not just the quality, but the sheer quantity that we produce each year for major retailers. We create custom dielines for pegboard paper that fit aisle gondolas and specific hardware perfectly. Choose one size, or create a standard size with perforations. Go with pre-cut peg holes, or let us print it with perforated holes. We produce to custom-fit your stores.

Pegboard paper is a small investment with a large payout in your store décor efforts. It defines categories, brightens up an ordinary aisle, and can subconsciously affect a customer’s mood. Change up your pegboard for a new promotion, seasonally, or on an annual refresh basis. It’s up to you!

Benefits of using pegboard paper:

  • Creates aisle décor
  • Speaks to seasons
  • Promotes a product or brand
  • Defines categories
  • Presents a clean & fresh look

Discover how you can use pegboard paper to your advantage. Contact your Imagine Account Executive to discover more.

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