1 billion+ views for Warner Bros. Pictures' Barbie box standee


For the summer release of Barbie, Warner Bros. Pictures wanted to create buzz with a standee display that moviegoers could interact with and snap photos of for their social feeds.

The summer box office is full of competition, and the team behind Barbie was aiming to make sure the film would be the must-see movie for all audiences.

Everyone has stopped for the photo op—including Barbie herself, Margot Robbie!


Our LA-based Midnight Oil team partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to make a standee that was impossible not to engage with—a larger-than-life replica of the iconic Barbie box in the iconic Barbie pink.

Made with corrugate and plastic film, the instantly Instagrammable standee was designed so that moviegoers could get inside and become a Barbie who is “Having the BEST DAY!”

The detailed execution of the campaign included nearly 700 standees and localizations for 19 markets to truly make the photo op unique for moviegoers.


As the movie premiered, photos and videos of the Barbie box standees were everywhere. One news story called the standee the most popular photo op at the theater's premiere showing.

On TikTok, the search term "Barbie box standee movie theater" had almost 1 billion views a month ahead of the premiere. Instagram influencers posted themselves in the standee striking their best Barbie pose, skyrocketing the earned media and enticing followers to flock to the movie.

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