Women’s History Month: Tammie Davies on crafting engaging retail environments on Printing Impressions Xchange podcast

Dive into the latest episode of the Impressions Xchange podcast featuring Tammie Davies, Senior Account Executive, as she shares her insights on developing captivating retail spaces. This episode is part of the Printing Impressions magazine’s Women’s History Month feature.

Join Tammie as she sits down with Denise Gustavson, Editorial Director of Printing Impressions, for an insightful conversation on how Tammie utilized her expertise in visual storytelling to enhance the retail experience for customers. Discover how mentorship has played a pivotal role in her career journey and how she is actively empowering future generations of women in the printing industry.

Tune into this inspiring discussion.

Tammie Davies: A Visionary's Leap from Law to Leading in Visual Branding - Printing Impressions (piworld.com)

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