If you’ve got an idea but don’t quite know where to begin, we can help you bring your inspiration to practical execution.

Imagine employee drawing on a whiteboard.

Concepting & previsualization

Bring a fresh perspective to your team with ideation sketches using good, better, and best presentations. In-situation renderings, 3D visualization, white samples, and on-location testing transform ideas to “get noticed” real-world applications with speed.

Bright, vibrant painted mural next to branded food truck for Tacos y Tequila.

Structural design & engineering

From the most basic projects to entirely new in-store fixturing, our detail-obsessed process is the same — regardless of scale.

We use prototyping and virtual store walkthroughs with action-oriented blueprints and sketches to ensure your ideas will be planned and executed to absolute perfection.

Brightly colored Space Jam movie banners hanging off the side of a contemporary building.

Adaptive creative: Versioning & localization

We can tailor your campaign to every out-of-home medium. From web page takeovers to building wraps to bus shelters, we will maintain campaign integrity across any and every format.

Close up view of a hand marking a printed proof.

Premedia & prep

From simple touch-ups to photo compositing, our premedia services and photo manipulation techniques produce premium-looking images. By offering finishing, color correction, formatting, file hygiene, and delivery, we ensure brand management, consistency, and integrity for your campaign.

Stay ahead of what’s new and next

Imagine Studio is a collective of diverse designers, engineers, and innovators reshaping the customer experience with advanced insights into trends and technology.

Together we can craft unforgettable experiences to captivate your customers.

When visions become reality, customers take note.

You need a partner who can print on virtually any substrate, apply any finishing technique, and bend or fold until you’re standing out from your competition. We can do this better than anyone.

Project management and optimization

Our team optimizes needs and determines where and when to ship collateral, making sure you hit key market dates on time and on budget. Your store team can use our support services to order materials for replenishment or replace worn or missing items.

Prepress technology

When it comes to prep, we've got you covered. Take advantage of our comprehensive tools, technology, and systems that streamline the process to ensure a quick, mistake-free delivery.

We’ve got your back.

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