As your strategic partner, not only are we invested in your success—we’re also invested in the positive actions you’ve made to reduce your waste and carbon footprint.

We take that shared commitment seriously.

A strategic imperative

The challenges facing the world are urgent and complex. We are all being called to action to carve out the path toward a more sustainable future.

Our approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and full-cycle sustainability makes it easy for you to create meaningful changes that align with your brand’s mission and create value for your business and the planet.

We make systemic, scalable impact possible while keeping in mind your bottom line.

Eco-friendly substrates

You never have to sacrifice quality when prioritizing sustainability. We’re substrate experts ready to guide you to materials that are perfectly suited to your project while also being reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

With access to the widest depth and breadth of eco-friendly materials, and the expertise to make sure you get remarkable results, we are your true partner on the ESG journey.

Non-toxic inks & sustainable printing practices

Imagine is proud to use soy and vegetable-based inks, water-based adhesives, and eco-friendly water-miscible solvents.

We combine these elements with low-emissions printing techniques and examining our processes at every end point to validate minimized impacts.

Reduced carbon emissions shipping

As an eco-friendly printing company, we are experts at minimizing our clients’ carbon footprints. Using lightweight substrates, reducing carton sizes, and engineering end products to ship small while arriving safely for easy assembly is our specialty.

We offer a suite of shipping solutions, including technology-enabled store profiling, that get the right materials to the right store, minimizing waste and shipping costs. And with locations strategically positioned across the US, we’re able to minimize your shipping costs and ensure your materials reach their destination quickly.

Full-service recycled-for-you program

Our investment in your sustainability commitments doesn’t end with delivery of your finished products.

Not only are we an eco-friendly printing company, we are also your guide when it comes to recycling or reusing your materials to reduce waste.

It’s our planet. Let’s protect it — together.

In ways both big and small, we are proud to exercise our commitment to ESG every day.

For us, making a meaningful difference in sustaining the planet is our objective throughout every facet of our organization:


We’re recognized as a leading sustainable printing company:

  • Our credentials include certification by the Forest Stewardship Council® [FSC-C009017] and by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.
  • We maximize the energy efficiency of our production facilities while smart monitors help us drastically cut our water usage.
  • We’ve reduced our press system cleaning chemicals by over 75%.


Our commitment to ethical business practices and respect for human rights is unwavering:

  • More than 50% of our leadership across all our locations comprises individuals who are female and/or from diverse backgrounds, reflecting our commitment to global diversity and inclusion.
  • We received a historic landmark grant to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Comprehensive safety training and worksite safety assessments ensure environmental, health, and safety standards are practiced, measured, and maintained.


Our thoughtful, action-driven ESG strategy is just the beginning:

  • Our cross-functional ESG committee tracks KPIs to guarantee accountability and to assess the partners and suppliers that we do business with.
  • Our globally recognized software platform confirms that data on our sustainable practices is captured and tracked, delivering unbiased metrics on our performance.

Our commitment

We are fully committed to holding ourselves accountable to the ESG framework and to supporting our customers in doing the same.

Here’s to designing a more sustainable, equitable future together.

We’ve got your back.

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