Hornitos Tequila was excited to be featured in a premium booth at the 8th Annual Distillers Showcase. With a strict budget and timeline, Hornitos and its partner, The Mars Agency, came to Imagine in search of a creative branded environment design infused with a block-party feel. The goal: Excite attendees and spark engagement.


By enlisting the support of the Imagine CAD designers, we were able to assess the feasibility of Mars’ initial design. Although visionary, we realized that the rendering wouldn’t scale properly nor did the plans account for Hornitos’ budget or timeline.

We dove in and developed an authentically impactful design that celebrated the spirit of the Hornitos brand. The playful “Tacos Y Tequila” food truck experience not only fulfilled the creative brief’s vision but also satisfied the timeline and budget.

On the day of the event, two Imagine team members personally oversaw the construction and breakdown of all elements, ensuring successful execution and absolute satisfaction.


The Hornitos booth generated a tremendous amount of buzz and engagement among attendees. What’s more, the company’s affinity for the assets we produced led them to use the components as part of a display in their corporate office.

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